Beautiful balayage – from aah! to wow!

Today I bring to you how I got the balayage without dying while trying.

As you know It is super fashionable to have the hair with balayage leaving the roots its natural color, however in general if you are not blonde, it is very difficult to accomplish, specially if you do not want to damage your guest’s hair in the process.

I’ll start by describing every type of hair so you can get an idea of how difficult it can get to do this job, we have some guests that come in with really dry damaged hair, open cuticle hair, frizzy hair, unmanaged hair.

First step

You have to do an even lightening of the hair, which in and of itself is not an easy task if its very long hair or abundant hair, specially if your already have the afore mention issues such as dryness, to not damage the hair even more that it might already be, I use a product by Tec Italy, called Serum Plex, which is used within the lightener powder, time is very important and we need to be checking the results every five minutes or so depending on the integrity of the hair strand.

Second Step

Clean the lightener powder with abundant water making sure to reach the desired level of tone before continuing to nurture the hair back to a state where it can continue to get more chemical treatments, after a balancing shampoo to restore the PH of the hair close to a 5.5, I proceeded to add the Tec Italy product called Preciso, which is a cuticle sealer this product is recommended after all chemical treatments to restore the PH balance of the hair, it also acts as protein to strengthen the hair strand even more to continue the services.

Third Step

Neutralize the yellow or orange pigments of the lightening results depending on what level you wanted to get or were able to accomplish on a damage set of hair, this step is super important if you want to achieve great results at the end of the process, this is done with peal color if you got a yellow tone, or if red you need to use a green tone, this is applied with a volume 20 peroxide, set time to 20 minutes, wash hair with plenty of water until water is completely clear, then proceed to final step.

Fourth step

Apply the desire tone, in my case I used a combination of dark mahogany / light mahogany blonde to get an even mahogany mix that goes beautifully with my guest’s skin color, which is always a good idea to assess the guests skin color to their desire hair color and recommend accordingly, remember is her hair but is you reputation that is walking around with it, at the end of the day you want repeating customers, not just one time transactions.

As a final note

We as stylist do our best to keep our guests hair as beautiful as posible, but we can only do so much, it’s of utmost importance to use products that take care of the hair integrity and help keep it healthy a post-color shampoo is imperative to keep the hair color mint condition, as well as products such as Due Faccetta Massimo, to keep hair infused with hydrating protein tho keep the hair shiny and manageable, all this products are sold here at the salon and we recommend using them to keep your hair looking beautiful all the time.

Till next time, happy hair to you my dear reader. from Juli, your hair’s best friend.