Hair cuts

Our barbers are the best at creating all sorts of new and trending styles, we also give you ideas on what you look best with.

Razor Shave

A classic, luxurious straight razor shave. Beard trim & straight razor neck shave. Beard trim and grooming on neck hair.

Hair coloring

Hair coloring, wash and sets, hair cuts and treatments, vast selection of color services and treatments for all ages.


Hair cuts for kids, with any of our staff members ready to help your kiddo get his/her first haircut or regular monthly due.

Product sales

We carry a line of products for men an woman that will leave your her healthy and strong, Ask about our promotions

F.R.G. Barbershop 1 – Sunset Park

Monday - Thursday
9 AM - 9 PM
8 AM - 10 PM
8 AM - 9 PM
9 AM - 8 PM

F.R.G. Barbershop 2 – Bath Beach

Monday - Friday
9 AM - 9 PM
8 AM - 8 PM
8 AM - 7 PM

F.R.G. Barbershop 3 – Bath Beach

Monday - Friday
9 AM - 10 PM
8 AM - 7 PM
8 AM - 7 PM
Roberto Lopez

Roberto López

Co-founder (347) 844-8787
Co-founder of F.R.G. Barbershop in the year 2010 in the Sunset Park location in Brooklyn, NYC. With 17 years of experience as a professional barber specializing in all types of modern and classic hair cuts
George Lopez

jorge lópez

Co-Founder (347) 844-0639
In 2010 I co-founded F.R.G. Barbershop in Sunset Park, NYC. with more than 20 years experience on my field as a barber, and now with the franchise of F.R.G. Barbershop 2 in Bensonhurst / Bath Beach Brooklyn. I specialize in all types of cuts for men and children updating myself every season to be knowledgeable on the new trends.

Francisco López

Co-founder (347) 733-8338
With 27 years of experience I have over 17 years working in New York City. Was also one of the co-founders for the F.R.G. franchise in 2010. I specialize in all types of hair all types of haircuts and keep myself busy learning about the new trends in the industry. I also have a diploma of Master Professional.